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QUESTION: I jacked the truck up from the rear to check my brakes.. everything looked like new so while it was up i put it in drive and also put the emergency brake but the wheels kept rolling.. so i took the emergency brake off and stepped on the brake and still the rear wheel rolled i bled them and they still rolled there are no leaks... can someone help me out??

ANSWER: Hi Gus -

Are the rear brakes drum or disc?


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QUESTION: I have drums in the rear...

Hi Gus -

If you are pressing on the brake and the wheels still spin, and also applying the hand brake (assuming that it is adjusted properly) and the wheels still spin, then the brake lining is probably frozen to the plate. It is highly unlikely though, but that is the only thing I can think of.

The regular brakes (when you press the pedal) operate hydraulically, and the hand brake manually applies the brake with a cable. So they are 2 different systems and to have them both not work is very rare.

Please ensure that the hand brake is adjusted properly. If you bled the brakes, see if the brake pedal height is OK. Otherwise it could be that the wheel cylinders are plugged.

Hope this helps -

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