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Last week my Altima with 143,000 miles started overheating and I took it in for troubleshooting and repair.  The mechanic told me I had a blown head gasket on my Altima.  Also while he had the head off he noticed that the timing chain guides and tensioner were worn.  So I had him order a timing chain kit and change those parts as well.  After the repairs and on my home from the shop I got an engine check light with codes p0325 and p1401.

Is there any reason to receive these codes after performing this type of repair?

I am the original owner and keep the oil changed regularly and have never had a check engine light before now.  It seems a little odd to receive these codes directly after leaving the repair shop.

Hi Tim -

Code P0325 is Knock sensor and P1401 is the EGR temp.

First of all I would erase the codes and then see if it returns. If it does, take it back to where you had the repair and have them remedy and insist that it is part of the warranty of repair. These components had to be removed/replaced during the repair and definitely related.

Hope this helps -

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