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I have a Nissan and the coolant is 'long-life' and blue colored. They say it's made specifically for Nissans and is supposed to last 7 years. If I take it somewhere else, not the dealer, to get a radiator flush/fill or even if they just top off the fluids, I wouldn't think they have different coolants for each of the manufacturers, and use a universal one. But wouldn't it be different than Nissan's and maybe dilute what's already in there? If I ask Nissan, I'm sure they'll say that's why I should bring it to them and charge a lot more.

Hi Lee -

You are correct. Some dealers say that coolants are specific to their models of vehicle. When the smoke clears, though, all coolants are designed the same way, and all will mix with water. Granted some coolants are better than others, however it looks like dealers are wanting the leverage to say that if you do not use their coolant, the warranty is void. Also, I would not wait 7 years to replace coolant.

I would say that if you are driving more than 120,000 miles a year, replace the antifreeze, flush the engine out, and replace the thermostat.

Hope this helps -

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