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We have to jump start our Nissan Micra - 3 door 2003 1200cc, every time. it jump starts very easily & quickly but if you don't drive it for even half a day it does not start without jumping it. Tailgate door does not lock open & there is an intermittent clicking sound whether driving or not, we have changed the battery twice in 1 year, auto electrician has not been able to find the fault.Please help.

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The clicking sound, whether driving or not could be a clue that you have a substantial battery drain. Get a volt meter and check the battery. A fully charged battery should be about 12.7 volts. Keep the voltmeter connected and if you see it drop steadily below 12 volts, you have a drain. This is assuming that the battery is good.

To find the drain gets tricky and you need patience. Unplug fuses one by one and check the drain. Start with the fuses in the engine compartment on the fender well, then move to the drivers side under dash fuses.

Record each fuse you checked so that you don get mixed up.

Once you find that circuit that is draining the battery, you can diagnose it by checking the component it operates, both the wiring and the device itself.

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