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Nissan Repair/1986 nissan 300zx


i install new brake pads & calipers, on the rear-end all is ok. before the brake job, the car ran fine. now it  will not start(turn over), no exterior lights,no radio, no dome light,but the indicator lights on the dash comes on. the battery is just 1 yr old, good grade,fully charged. its a v-6,5 spd. non-turbocharge. what could the problem be?  thanks for your help.

Hi Rolland -

Looks like the fusible link or a fuse blew perhaps while the repair was being done.

Check the positive battery terminal area first. There should be a couple wires there. Ensure there are no internal breaks. There is also a box on the fender well that houses all the large circuit fuses and relays. Check that too. It helps if you have a light probe type circuit tester or volt meter. The last place to check is the fuse box driver's side under dash.

Let me know how it goes.


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