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Nissan Repair/Need Help on my Nissan Serena 2007 Model


Dear Sir,

I own a Nissan Serena 2007 model. Recently I started experiencing a slow pick and sometimes gear sticking.

If I drive a few kilometers around with my Nissan Serena and come to a stop and immediately start again, the vehicle would not have power to immediately pick up speed but it will start very slowly despite accelerating high. But once it picks up it goes on high speed no problem. Sometimes instead of low pick up, it will pick up normally but get jammed into one gear. I was advised to change the transmission oil, which I did using the recommended CVT Oil but no change. Can someone out there advise me what should be done. I love and enjoy driving my Nissan Serena, please help.

Hi Actor -

I am assuming this is an automatic trans.

Looks like you have some band slippage in your transmission. When you changed your oil, was it brownish and smelled burnt?

You will probably need a transmission overhaul.

Hope this helps -

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