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QUESTION: I have a Nissan Sentra with a 1.8 liter engine. I am having a no start issue i replaced the spark plugs because they where fouled out with dark oil or carbon built up.Than replaced value cover gasket because of oil leaking on the spark plugs and boots inside the holes. After that still no luck, wouldn't start.So I hooked the OBD scan tool to car because check engine light was on. I got a camshaft and crankshaft error code. So i cleared codes and replaced both crank and cam sensors.Still wont start so i checked all fuses (they all are good) after that i checked to see if it had spark by taking the coil pack and boot while turning engine over and held near engine block NO SPARK!!! Also tested connector to coil pack (which there are four of them because they are each individual coil packs and boots per cylinder) and they all have three prongs. Tested and have power and two grounds that are good in the connector going to coil pack but still NO SPARK!!!??? Any suggestions,tips, remedies,answers or ever heard of this and where to start looking next!?? Thank you so much any info would be great!

ANSWER: Hi Randy -

If there is no spark, and no check engine light on, then I would say it is the ignition module, located in the distributor.

Hope this helps -

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: there is no dist.on this engine.where would be the ign.module located?what about the map sensor.and located?autozone suggested that part buy thats why i am asking you the expert.thanks

Hi Randy -

The reason I said that is because the module is the only device that does not link with the CPU, which turns on the check engine light. If the MAP sensor was defective you would have a code and check engine light on.

Please confirm that the check engine light is currently not on, after you have cleared the codes for the camshaft sensors.

If not, then do the following spark test:

Pull out a spark plug wire and insert a screwdriver in the boot until it wedges against the terminal inside. Hold the shaft of the screwdriver 1/4" away from any metal surface of the vehicle while someone cranks the engine. There should be a spark jumping between the 2 metal surfaces.


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