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Nissan Repair/97 200sx cold weather 2k rpm limit


QUESTION: Just bought a 97 nissan 200sx 5 spd, car has over 100k miles, in great looking condition but when it gets below 40 degrees she will not go over 2k rpm's until she warms up. She stumbles on acceleration. what could that be?

ANSWER: Hi Chris -

Can you tell me if your check engine light is on? If so, I will need the OBD code that is causing it to go on. Autozone can do this.

If not, then I would check the fuel pump, but check it when the condition exists. Pressure and volume. LMK if you are doing this yourself and I'll give you the numbers.

Hope this helps -

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QUESTION: They came up

Po400 EGR
Po500 speed sensor

Hi Chris -

You will need to clear these codes and repair the faults first. Looks like you have a faulty speed sensor to start. This sensor sends pulses to the ECM which then controls the engine speed depending on the position of your gas pedal and the demand for more power.

The EGR code is saying that there is no flow detected. First check for a dirty EGR valve, or broken or rusted tube before condemning the valve.

Hope this helps -

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