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I have a 1996 Sentra.  The blower is working and the heater is working.  I can hear the compressor turn on when I press the A/C button on the dash, but no cold air.  It was working the last time I used the car.  I checked and replaced the fuse left of the steering wheel in the fuse compartment.

Hi William -

Normally this is not the fuse. If the compressor is working, you might be going low on refrigerant, or you have blockage in the system, probably the orifice filter. Either way, the relay supposed to turn off the compressor to protect your system. That being said I find it odd that the compressor is working.

The best thing to do is take it in to a reputable mechanic and have him put the gauges on and then he can see what the issue is.

If you are low on Freon, there probably is a leak, because it is a closed system. Normally you should not have to refill Freon.

Hope this helps -

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