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Hello Calvin,
Got a brake job question for my 2001 Sentra SE 2.0.  I am going to change my rotors and pads over the weekend.  I do a lot of highway commuting and warp the rotors in about a year and a half to two years.  My question is with the caliper pins.  Should I be replacing them too?  The last time I went to lube them up they were frozen into the caliper.  I had to use a torch to free them.  If I replace the pins then I assume that I would somehow have to clean the hole before replacing them.  Can you tell me what's the norm with the pins?  I'm sure they will be stuck again when I try to remove them.  I'd certainly appreciate any input on this matter.

Thank ya much,

Hi Tim -

The fact that the pins are frozen worries me. I am thinking the caliper got warped from the heat. I would just replace the caliper, that way no worries about the re-assembly, and you know you will be getting a good fix. You do not want to take chances with brakes -

You get a rebuilt caliper that would be fine. Less cost.

Also, replace both at one time to prevent the car from drifting when braking.

Hope this helps -

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