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The fuse that goes to the lighter plug blow. I changed the fuse with the recommenced 15amp fuse. The lighter plug is still not working. Even though, the fuse that I changed it with did not look like the one I changed it with, but it did fit. Would that make any differences, if not. What do I need to do next to make this work.

Hi Calvin -

First of all please ensure that something metal did not lodge in the lighter socket, such as a paper clip or coin. That would blow the fuse immediately.

Secondly, verify that the fuse you replaced is indeed for the lighter. Compare the location with the diagram on the back of the fuse box cover or in the manual. Fuses range anywhere from 5 amps to 30 amps, and they all fit the same, so please double check you have taken out the correct fuse.

I am not sure what year and make your Nissan is, but I am assuming it is an ATC fuse. Alternately you can pull each fuse out and check the link between the terminals. The fuse is blown, if the link is gone. Looks like an "S".

Hope this helps -

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