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Nissan Repair/1998 Nissan Quest Engine Hesitation & Rattling/Knocking


Hi there! About a week ago the Service Engine Soon light came on after I had to make
a hard acceleration in traffic. The next day it turned off. Now it has been
turning on and off every few days, generally after I accelerate quickly.
The engine seems to lug/jerk if I try to accelerate too hard from a stop, and there's a loud rattling
and knocking noise at the same time, coming from what sounds like the
underside of the passenger side of the van. No weird smells or other
warning lights and if I accelerate gently & slowly it gets up to speed
(eventually) fine, with no noises or jerkiness.

I've already put more repairs into this beast than it would ever be worth
to resell so I'm mainly trying to gage if this problem is going to be the one
that convinces me to cut bait & start looking for a new ride.

Thanks in advance.

Hi CeeCee -

The first thing we need to do is download the code that is making the Check Engine light to come on. Places like AutoZone can do that or your neighborhood car repair shop. Once you get the number from them, get back to me and I can tell you where to start. It will start with a P0----

Hope this helps -

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