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When we push the gas pedal down, the car hesitates to take off almost like its taking off in third gear then it will kick in but even when driving when you go to go into passing gear again it will bogg down.  We had all the pressure gas test done and everything is fine there.  IT was running fine until I got stuck in the snow and while rocking the car back and forth revving the car up this happened to it and it hasn't drove right since.   Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Joe -

It looks like perhaps your transmission is slipping. Especially if the gears were changed from reverse to drive abruptly when it was stuck.

Assuming that the transmission oil level is OK, you will need a transmission overhaul.

You might want to try to replace the oil and filter, and put in an additive called AT-205. This has helped me in the past, but not in extreme cases.

Hope this helps -

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