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Nissan Repair/Nissan Pathfinder 2007 SE smoked by passenger side bonnet


Just drove back home and parked the car, turned thd headlights off but engine was ON and AC was ON. Suddenly I heard a cracking noise from the car like a firecracker bursting slowly. I immediately shut off AC and the car and got everyone out of the car. Looked at the passenger side and I could see fumes coming out from the bonnet and cracking sound from same side.

Also a pinkish beige liquid started trikling down from beneath the bonnet. Don't know what it is but after some time this thing stopped but I see a lot of liquid on the floor. I am afraid of driving thd car unless I know what the issue is and it's resolution.

Rupesh -

This sounds like the vehicle had an electrical fire of some sort. Probably a wire shorted.

You will need to take it to a reputable dealer and have it fixed. (Don't drive it). I am sorry I cannot be of more assistance, I wish the car was right in front of me so I could diagnose.

There was probably a direct short that casued a small fire, and melted a coolant hose, which is probably the fluid you see leaking.

Hope this helps -

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