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Nissan Repair/stalls when put in reverse or drive


QUESTION: hey how are you, i have a 1.8ltr n13 pulsar its an automatic and we have recantly replaced the dissy , plugs and leads
and after we did that , it sometimes stalls when going from park to reverse and in to drive aswell , but i only does it occasionly:),
it has by my hearig has a sucking sound somewhere in the engine bay but not sure were it is , sounds like it is over behind the manifold ,
would be great if you could help me figure it out

ANSWER: Hi Zac -

Looks like you have a vacuum leak. One of the vacuum hoses probably got disconnected during the repair.

You are correct. Keep looking by the manifold as most of the hoses attach to that. You are looking for a small black hose about 1/4" in diameter. If you look on your manifold and find where the hiss is coming from, the hose should be nearby.

Alternately, if you get some carb cleaner and spray it sparingly on different parts of the engine you can also find the location. While spraying, when the idle improves, you have found the leak point.

Hope this helps -

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i sprayed carby cleaner and on this one bolt on the manifold, the car would loose revs and die if i keep spraying it ?

ANSWER: Hi Zac -

<Maybe you are close to the hose? Did you find any hoses disconnected?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: no hoses are diconected
i think its the manifold gazket , when i spray it on there it dies

Hi Zac -

OK. I just think it is not a coincidence that the engine would react this way only after replacing the parts you mentioned. Normally a hose gets disconnected or a port gets broken by mistake.

Thanks for letting me know -


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