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QUESTION: Hi Calvin,
Got another question for you on a 2008 Sentra 2.0S. About a month ago the passenger side door would not always unlock either by using button on remote or button on driver door. Now the driver side hardly ever works and the passenger one never does. The back doors unlock fine every time. I suspect door lock actuators but do I need to replace the whole latch assembly or is there a simpler fix? Thanks.


This either could be the actuators failing (getting weaker) or you might be able to adjust the linkage for a longer throw. Don't think it is the latch, but you might want to lubricate it first just in case it is binding.

Hope this helps
Aloha Calvin

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QUESTION: Hi Calvin,

I did have to change the lock actuator, there is no adjustment. It works now but job was a real pain. I didn't need any special tools besides a torx screwdriver but there was lots of hard to get to spaces, some where you couldn't see what you were doing. Even had to remove door glass at one point. Just telling you for future questions you might get.

I did want to ask you about changing the CVT fluid. I have never changed it and the car has 180000 miles on it. I have heard these transmissions can be problematic and I have learned the " if it aint broke don't fix it" rules so many times it hurts. I am not having ANY transmission problems. Do you have any thoughts on this type of transmission?

Hi Jeff -=

Yes, any door lock issue is questionable on the access.

As for the CVT oil, yes, I would recommend changing it. After a while little metal particles become suspended in the oil and can actually act as an abrasive instead of a lubricant. I hear you on the "it ain't broke" thing, and I do recommend that from time to time but the CVT, just like changing regular oil. Should be part of preventive maintenance.

Hope this heps -

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