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Hello Cavlin,

I own a 97 Pathfinder...I have been experiencing that from time to time the transmission will not engage into 4th gear and the RPM stay from 2500-3000...This does not happens all the time. There are days when nothing happens and it runs great...engine is strong and healthy. Have a check engine light that calls for a Oxygen Sensor Bank 1, Map Sensor and Neutral control switch...I am in the process of changing these issues, I am just concern that after making the investment in these items, I continue to get the transmission issue...Please advise, Thanks

Hi Jose -

I am assuming this is an automatic transmission.
That being the case, ensure that the trans oil level is OK, and not dirty. Should be a bright red color on the dipstick.

If all is well and you are still experiencing trouble, it is probable you will need a trans overhaul. As an alternate, try an additive called AT205. Usually carquest sells it. It has helped me tremendously in the past.

Hope this helps -

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