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Calvin, you've helped in the past with suggesting synthetic oil and when to do oil changes, since I don't put on a lot of miles. I would really like your opinion on something else. My 2014 Nissan Juke is 18 months old and has only 7500 miles. The manual says to replace the brake fluid every 20K miles or 24 months, whichever comes first. That seems excessive to me and I read that Nissan and other makes started phasing in 20k mile brake fluid changes a few years ago, because they now have "ABS modulators and other expensive components that could be damaged by corrosion from moisture in the fluid."  And that when it comes to brake fluid, time is the deciding factor, not miles. That would mean I need to have it changed in 6 months, with maybe only 10K miles on the car. Not sure if I really need to do it that soon, even though Nissan and others say it should be. What do you think?  Thanks

Hi Lee -

You are an exception when it comes to miles driven vs time elapsed. Yes, your 7500 miles in 18 months is hardly any wear and tear of your vehicle.

My personal opinion is that as long as the brake fluid is clear. It is good to go. Over time and use, brake fluid will start to get darker and darker as it picks up impurities and contaminates in the system, which it is designed to do to keep the components working as designed. So my short answer is as long as it is clear, or almost clear, with no sediment or debris in the reservoir, the I would not replace it.

There are pros and cons to flushing and changing brake fluid at premature intervals. Personally I feel that the more often you change your brake fluid, the chances of air and water entering the system is greater. Air and water are the prime major enemies of the brake system and will end up in spongy and inadequate braking if allowed into the system.

However, you should check if it affects your warranty. Should something go wrong with your brake system, the dealer may catch you by saying you were not following the manufacturer's specs and may void the warranty. Although rare that this will happen, it is food for thought.

I hope this helps your decision, but you got my thoughts -


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