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Hello Calvin, Normal day, driving my nissan 2012 frontier sv crew cab, I noticed the drivers side mirror was moved to looking down. I tried to move the mirror with the control switch and nothing moved. The passenger side mirror worked fine. I moved the drivers side mirror glass "manually' so I could use the mirror while driving. So the drivers side mirror doesn't work and the passenger side does. It seems somehow the drivers side mirror drove down and no longer works, I looked at the fuse box and noticed one 10A fuse for the mirrors. Being the passenger side works the fuse should be ok. Any info or insight would be appreciated  thanks, Bill

Hi Bill -

Looks like the control for the left mirror went out. This is located inside the mirror and it responds to the control toggle on your door panel. Since the right side works, I do not think it is anything electrical, although you can test it by removing the mirror, running the control while testing the wires for voltage.

If you hear the motor running while working the control, then perhaps the control linkage broke. In any case the mirror assembly needs replacing. I don't think you can just buy the controls. Try checking

hope this helps -

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