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Nissan Repair/87 nissan pulsar, heater,wipers,radio all stopped working


QUESTION: Hi, I appreciate you answering my question. I have an 87 nissan  pulsar, when it is cold out sometimes the heater fan doesn't kick on for a minute or two. Just tonight coming home from work, the heater fan took 2 minutes to turn on (which is normal)then I turned on the wipers to clear the windshield. Wipers didn't come on, the heater fan kicked off, and while looking around noticed the radio was off as well. Any idea what could cause them all to kick off at the same time? It is 7 degrees outside, so I checked the fuses really quick, and they seem fine. Am I looking at an ignition switch, or is there something else that these are all tied to? Thanks for your time. Ray

ANSWER: Hi Ray -

I am not sure which fuse box you checked? I am assuming the one in the vehicle driver side dash.

There is another fuse/relay box in the engine compartment on the fender well driver side. These contain the large circuit fuses for the electrical system. Perhaps one of them blew.

Just as a note, if the fuse blew, there must be a reason for it (overload, short). That correction should be made, especially if the fuse blows as soon as the related component is turned on.

Hope this helps -


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QUESTION: Thanks for the response Calvin, I appreciate you taking the time. I checked both fuse boxes, all of the fuses were fine. Everything works fine most of the time, except when it is below 10 degrees or so. When it is that cold and I start the car, it starts without the heater working. Then within a minute or two there is a click in the dash behind, or around the guages. Then the heater fan starts working, as well as everything else. There must be something going out, the other day was the first time the wipers went out too. I'm trying to track down what is going out, and where it might be. When I sent the first mssg I thought they had gone out for good, went out the next morning(20 degrees) and everything was working again from start up. Very frustrating:) Any idea what might be causing the problem? I had a similar thing happen to my vw vanagon, but everything stopped working for good. Found out it was the ignition switch, which I replaced and fixed the problem. I wanted to know if you knew of anything that would be connected to all of these things that might be causing the problem. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ray

Hi Ray -

The only other thing I can think of is your fusible link. This is a wire connected to the positive side of the battery terminal. It is designed to protect most of the circuits you describe. If the headlights are also out during this, then I would definitely check that out. Perhaps only in colder weather the connection is lost. Happens quite often.

Yes, could be the ignition switch as well, same principle when cold, there is no connection.

Hope this helps -

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