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Hello Calvin,
I have been trying to troubleshoot my cooling fan problem for 2 days now.  I simply can`t narrow down the problem.  I have limited knowledge when it comes to electrical components, but can normally work through things with a little direction. What I have done so far:  Pulled the fuses and relays and checked them.  They are fine.  Ran 12V current to the relays and they are all clicking.  I unplugged the fans and checked for continuity, they were fine and spinning freely.  I know that I can not checking things in a proper order, but I am doing the best I can.  I want to test the ECT sensor but I can`t find it.  Most of the diagrams on the Net point to it being above the alternator.  It is not there nor am I finding anything that looks like the replacement part.  Any suggestions would be great appreciated.  Thanks so much.  2001 Sentra SE 2.0

Hi Tim -

Have you checked to see if there is power to the fan motor when the AC system is on?

Also need to check to see if the fans work if there is direct power applied to the fan lead. You will have to remove the connector to do this. You may show continuity but the fan may still not operate when you apply the power.

LMK how this goes -


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