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QUESTION: Hi thank you in advance for your help.  I recently to my car into the mechanic b/c the steering wheel shook really bad when I accelerated.  He said that it needed a tune up and that the engine block tie was broken so he fixed those.  When I picked it up it was still happening but not as bad so I took it back.  They said that a cylinder is misfiring and it wasn't caught with the tune-up b/c they did a minor not a major tune-up and it would be another $400.  Does this makes sense?

Thank you


This does not make sense and it seems fishy to me. If you could, please answer these questions I have to assist me with an accurate diagnosis and direction in what to do.

Is your check engine light on?

When you say the steering wheel shook when accelerated, is it shaking while you are pressing the gas pedal, or when you are going at a certain speed with the foot off the pedal?

Is only the steering wheel shaking or the entire vehicle?


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QUESTION: Thanks for reply Calvin.  To answer your questions.
- The check engine light is not on
- The steering wheel vibrate all the way through acceleration while I have my foot on the accelerator

Some additional information.  They said it was Cylinder 5 that was misfiring.  Another site site to replace the ignition coil on that cylinder first.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Anish -

Normally if it is a cylinder misfire, or coil, the check engine light will come on, indicating which cylinder is not firing.

Please find out how they determined it was cylinder number 5. If the CEL was not on, I don't see how they figured it out.

There should be no reason for a $400 tune up, especially if they already did a tune up. I would advise not to take it back there and get another opinion.

There are 2 things that are not affiliated with the CEL light system and could cause the vibration. The ignition module in the distributor and the fuel pump. I am thinking it is the latter, if there was no CEL on in the first place. If you could get the information we can get to the bottom of this -


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