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Nissan Repair/1999 Quest rear side windows


As it seems you know this vehicle inside and out...

My rear electric windows don't work.

I opened up the switch array in the driver's door and by a guide first jumped the pins and made the front drivers' side and passengers' side windows open and close (to verify I was jumping the pins correctly). When I tried jumping pins for the rear windows I saw a slight spark in making the connection but they did not respond.

About three weeks ago I hit the switch by mistake and one of the windows actually responded. I closed it immediately for fear of it sticking open. I am fairly certain it was not a dream.

Though I should have taken readings at the pins I did not, but can if you so instruct.

All cabin driver's left side fuses appear intact.

I am about to try digging my way to the motors and running lamp cord from the battery, but other than see them then work I do not think it will prove much.

Can you provide any guidance on this?

As a side note, I really have been able to handle a few things, like replacing that obnoxious front engine mount that I see everyone complains about! I had also brought the radio lights back to life for a while, but the board just overheated again and as it really isn't that much of a nuisance, I live with it. And I was overjoyed to find how easy the rear shocks were to replace! And I have got to find out what the correct oil filter replacement fits it, for what the Walmart charts show does not fit, it has to be a real small canister. This puppy really seems to have more than it's fair share of problems, doesn't it?


Hi Bruce -

I apologize, I did not see your reply until now.

This is weird that the rear windows do not work. It is usually the driver's side front that fails first because of excessive use.

If I were to guess the rear window issue - You can easily check the switch by reading ohms across the terminals, however since you got it working, I think it may be something else. This sounds weird, but you may want try this -

Remove the panel board and locate the window motor. Tap the motor housing firmly with a small hammer, or crescent wrench. this will loosen carbon build up at the brushes which sometimes causes a non connection issue between the brush and the armature.

You are correct. The "Late 90's and early 00's Quests are problem children. There is a site called which is pretty interesting. Heheh, you think you got problems, you should read some of the posts - You also learn how to repair as well. Check it out -

I am glad all this helps -
Thank you for your positive comments -


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