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Nissan Repair/hesitation when stopping, misfire


QUESTION: I own a 2003 Nissan maxima.  Noticed a hestitation upon stopping and engine light came on.  Diagnostics said, some type of misfire but no code number.  So I had it tuned-up, with all the right parts, and flushed out the injectors. Also had the catalytic converter replaced.  What could this be and am I causing more problems if I keep driving it.  We just can't figure this problem out.  Thanks for your help. Michelle

ANSWER: Hi Michelle -

Usually there is an ID for the misfire, such as "Cyl #2 misfire:", or "random misfire". Is it one of those?

Alternately, if you give me the number of the OBD code (starts with P0), I can trace it down for you.

Can you tell me what parts were placed during the tune up? Any coils or ignition modules?

The P0 code is the key to successful diagnostics, so if you have it that would help greatly

Hope this helps


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the quick reply.  No, I do not have the codes, they were  gone when the car was tuned-up.  The spark plugs were replaced along with ignition modules and coils. The code only said, misfire.    Since then,the engine light has not come on, but I wish it would so we could get the code again.  Is this bad to keep driving the car?  I hope not because I need to.  Thanks again, Michelle

Hi Michelle -

No. Should not be a problem if you keep driving it.

The only 2 components that do not activate the check engine light when they fail is the fuel pump/pressure, and the ignition module located in the distributor.

When you are ready might want to start there. The latter only acts up when the car is warmed up.

Hope this helps -

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