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We bought a 1999 Nissan Quest a couple years ago. I have twice replaced the disc pads. Only a day ago I went after the drum brakes and after finally getting the drum off, though there was a good amount of rust colored dust in there, the shoes showed almost if not no wear at all. I have no clue as to how to proceed. btw, last time I worked on drum brakes was when I was in high school. That was in 1972 or so...

Hi Bruce -

Ahh yes. I remember those days. I was a junior in high school and racing my souped up Plymouth.

Anyway, yes, this is not unusual. Normally the drum brakes get little to no use, unless one drives with the emergency brake on, or has to press the brake with great pressure, or if you have rear passenger loads on a constant basis. These days with everything at the front of the car, no rear differential, etc., very little weight is at the rear of the vehicle, thus no load for the brakes.

A good idea is while you have the drum off, clean the dust off with Brakleen, and lubricate the backing plate where the lining meets, 3 areas per brake shoe.

Hope this helps -

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