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Nissan Repair/Weak current to fuel injectors 86 300ZX


Hi Calvin,

This is John with a follow up question.

Looking at parts for ignition module, I see a Crank shaft sensor that is circular black plastic with a little upright "wall" that installs inside the distributor that has three brass framed holes for installation.  This sells for between $70 to $140, and the ads say it controls injector flow among other functions, and can be installed in 10 minutes without affecting timing etc.

I also see a part called Ignition Control Module that is a flat black plastic part with female electric fittings at both ends, and two brass lined installation holes.  This sells for between $200 to $300.

A brand new distributor from Nissan is only $400 and comes with a CAS, so I am guessing the CAS is the part we are talking about.
Or do both of those parts fit inside the distributor?
I don't want to buy more parts than I need to.

Thanks again,

Hi John -

Try this link to a site that I have no problem with. Prices are great, and the quality is good. Been using them and have no complaints. A distributor can be bought for $100 - $200 dollars. If the link does not work, then the website is


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