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Nissan Repair/1999 Quest rearview mirror passenger side


My garbage can managed to liberate the shell and mirror of my rear view mirror on the passenger's side when I was backing out of the driveway today.... It is power with heat. I have found proper replacement located at a salvage yard nearby. How much of a pain is it to properly remove one of these assemblies from a vehicle and reinstall it? I ask as I have found some items bolt on/blt off, whereas others bolt on/bolt off but first you have to take half the vehicle apart to get to the bolts...

As always, THANK-YOU!

Aloha Bruce -

Normally it is quite simple to replace the assembly. From the inside of the car right in back of the mirror there should be a snap out triangular plastic panel. Once it snaps out, there are 3 10mm bolts that hold the mirror in place. There should be a harness that you can disconnect before removing the mirror.

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