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I have a 2003 nissan altima I just got a tuneup the man notice I had a oil leak also so while he changed my spark plugs their was a lot of oil inside each hold and he also changed my value cover. Now when I start my car their is smoke coming from under the hood and their is alot of smoke coming from my tail pipe...what should I do and is there something wrong with my car

Hi Sherrica

I wanted to confirm that he changed the valve cover gasket, not the valve cover correct?

OK, with the valve cover gasket there should be included with the replacement the spark plug seals, the latter being the cause of the oil in each hold. when the spark plug is taken out the oil will drop into the cylinder and will burn out of the exhaust, which is the smoke you see.

Now, if the smoke does not stop after a few minutes, then there is a problem. If the smoke continues from under the hood, then you need to take it back and have him correct it at no charge.

Hope this helps and let me know how it goes -


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