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Hi i have a 1990 Nissan pickup 240 12 vulvae automatic and i was driving and my power steering belt broke and my air conditioning belt came off and got stuck behind the pulley wheel to the motor then it started to pour out a reddish orange color liquid like transmission flied or maybe even power steering fluid. so i went ahead and replaced all three belts and when doing that i notice one of me vacuum hoses is missing from the belt braking and hitting it clean off and it must of put a hole in one of the hoses that had the fluid that drained out. after i got done replacing all 3 belts i got in it started it up but when i put it into gear it goes no where if i give it a lot of gas it will try to move but not very fast or easy i checked the transmission fluid and its bone dry can any one help?

Hi Cody -

Looks like when your belt broke, it severed one of the cooling hoses for the transmission oil that leads to the radiator.

To locate these hoses (2 of them) look at the bottom of your radiator and you will see 2 hoses attached. Follow them back to the transmission and you should find where it broke.

Once repaired, refill the transmission with the recommended oil (I think it is Dexron), shift through the gears and recheck the level.

You should be fine after that.

Hope this helps -

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