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Nissan Repair/1997 300ZX Electrical problem


Drove about 7 miles--came home parked car.  Went out about 2 hours later & brake lights were on.  Tried pushing on brake, nothing happened.  Got keys, started car (car started immediately), pushed on brakes & brakes engaged & lights went out.  About 6 hours later, went out and car was completely dead.  What caused the brake lights go on?  Battery was not dead at that time, but after getting lights to go out, battery then was dead.  Help!

Hi Eileen -

First thing I would check is the brake pedal grommet. This is a little rubber piece that attaches to the brake pedal shaft. It is located above the brake pedal into the lower dash area. If you see a rubber piece on your floorboard, then chances are it broke and needs replacement. This is what controls the brake lights to go on and off when you work the pedal. Without it the brake lights will stay on.

Most auto stores carry it, and it simply snaps into the hole where the brake switch is above the pedal. The hardest part is getting to it.

Hope this helps -

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