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I have a nissan serena, and it broke down half way up a mountain. It started smoking a lot from what looked like the wheels and then up through the gear box. also a lot of green liquid burst out underneath the car. I need to get it back down the mountain to get it towed to a garage and I'm wondering if i can fill with water enough to turn the car on and drive it down maybe 3-4km. would this work??

Hi Ryan -

Looks like the head gasket blew. Depending on the severity of the internal damage, it can be done, however the car may not start or have a very rough idle at best.

To test if the head gasket blew, fill the radiator with water until the top. Then try to start the engine. If the water spurts out of the radiator like a geyser, then it is the head gasket.

That is quite a distance as even if you do get it started, you will have to have a sufficient supply of water to keep refilling your radiator every few minutes.

The best and safest way is to have it towed to the garage from where it is.

Hope this helps -


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