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Nissan Repair/1999 Quest noise when I turn


Hope all is well Calvin-

Lately and most notably on left hand turns I hear a (get ready for sound effect) clack clack clack from the left wheel well. I think I have also heard this on right hand turns, but I can't say for sure at this time. The rate of clack is in proportion to the speed of the turn and is more pronounced on a tighter turn. Because of the proportion to speed (reminds me of baseball cards in the bike spokes) I had hoped that it was just a branch stuck in there, but I took the wheel off and saw nothing abnormal, to my ability to discern. I have made certain that the steering fluid was at proper level for I have been told I have a minor leak somewhere in that system, but that leak has been present for over a year and the clacking became noticeable only over the last month or two. I do not feel any relative vibration or thumping in the steering wheel, and as of yet have experienced no deterioration in steering performance.


Hi Bruce -

First thing I would think of is your outer CV joint on that side. The joint is under more stress when turning and cornering so that is why you only hear it then. Unfortunately it is hard to check without a floor jack, but I am 90% sure this is your problem.

The front axle consists of 4 CV joints, 2 on each side, and 2 axles, called half shafts. The best way is to replace the entire half shaft. Some may try to tell you that you can just replace the joint, but replacing the entire half shaft is the way to go in my opinion.

Hope this helps -

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