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QUESTION: Hey just want to ask that....What may be a possible problem if a Nissan Hardbody 2.4i does not start and show a "check light" on the dashboard.

ANSWER: Hello -

Need more information please. Is there a sound when you turn the key, or nothing at all? If there is a sound, is the engine turning or do you just hear clicks?

Does the check engine light remain on, or does it go off after a few seconds when the ignition is on?

Let me know so we can continue the diagnosis.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: the engine does turn but light does not turn off

Hello -

If the engine light stays on and does not shut off after a few seconds then there may be an issue with the ECM, which is the car's computer.

You might want to have it diagnosed with an OBD reader to see if there are any trouble codes displayed.

In the meantime, you can try this test - Remove a spark plug wire and insert a screwdriver into the boot until it wedges against the terminal inside. Hold the screwdriver about 1/2" away from any metal surface of the engine. Crank the engine as if to start and see if there is a spark jumping across the surfaces.


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