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QUESTION: I have a Nissan maxima 1998 my radiator is new good water pump and regulator but still over heats to the red and can not drive more than 20ks and she gets extremely hot. The radiator boils and the over Flow reserviour can u help

ANSWER: Hi Karyn -

This is probably the thermostat. This is usually in the outlet at the end of the radiator hose. For your year car, I would just remove it. That should improve the circulation and car will run a lot cooler.

Hope this helps -

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QUESTION: Hi calvin my maxima Nissan stopped over heating I removed the thermostat will it cause problems later should i replace it or not 1998 Nissan maxima

Hi Karyn -

You should be fine. If you live in a cold area the engine will take a little longer to warm up, that's all.

All the thermostat does is keep the radiator coolant from going to the radiator to cool until the engine is warmed up. A lot of times it gets stuck, and without the circulation to the radiator will overheat in just a few minutes, which is what you experienced. Leaving the thermostat out for your car is a good option I would endorse.

Hope this helps -


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