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QUESTION: Have had 3 Offroad/Pro4X Xterras, 07, 11, and 14 - 14 will be last as marque is discontinued a/o 15 and dealers asking 40k for few remaining, esp. 6 sp MTs - all I'll drive.
Question:  Assuming full synthetic oil use, what, as opposed to factory spec, would appropriate change interval be?

(Northeastern upstate NY, and Canadian standard Nissan block heater installed, if either significant).
Thanks much.

ANSWER: Hi Mark -

Normal driving conditions you may go as much as annual changing of synthetic. However if you are driving off road, or high demand driving (lot of freeway, traffic) then you can reduce to 6 months.

Synthetic oil extends the properties of regular oil so it is a lot more durable, however keep an eye on high load driving as described above.

Hope this helps -

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Same interval for oil filter, i.e. changed once/twice a year when synth oil is changed?

Any negative effect on manuf 3 yr/36k warrantee if oil change interval extended well beyond manuf's specs, esp for "severe" service?

Thanks very much.
BTW, given that law enforcement must be among most severe service, do you happen to know how they maintain their vehicles?

Hi Mark -

Yes, oil and filter replaced at the same interval.

However, if the car is still under warranty, you are correct, the maintenance manual intervals must be followed to play it safe. All they need is an excuse to void the warranty.

Sorry I do not know the intervals for law enforcement fleet vehicles, but I assume they follow the warranty. Usually there is a clause for severe service intervals.


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