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QUESTION: Hi, I have a 2012 Nissan Altima sport edition. Only happens when I am driving on highway. If car in front of me driving slow and I punch it to go around them and I hear a zing coming from engine then it loses power making it hard to get to 75 when flooring it when car can do 90 when barely pushing on gas on highway. Is it a sensor blown or going or is it a problem in transmission? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Todd -

Is your check engine light on?



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QUESTION: No. They said if it's not a transmission problem which without looking at it they don't think it is I will get charged a diagnostic fee. More then likely it's a blown sensor I guess. I don't mind paying for a new sensor, but not paying up to $140 gor it too be diagnosed. Have u ever heard of this? They say they haven't and tried researching it on the internet.  Thanks!

Hi Todd -

I think it may be your fuel pump that is causing the problem. Especially if the engine is  failing under load.

The other thing it could be is your ignition module in your distributor. These normally fail once the engine is warmed up.

The reason I asked if the check engine light was on is that the ignition module and fuel pump are the only 2 items that do not trigger the check engine light when it fails.

Hope this helps -

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