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QUESTION: hey there, i have a 97 Nissan Primera 2Litre, just the other day it was close to running out of fuel so i parked it, the very next day i put 9 litres of fuel in it t get it to the petrol station, upon turning the key it turns over but wont start, now this car was running just the day before, so i checked the leads and removed spark plugs and the number 1 plug tip was covered in oil, 2,3,4 plugs were not as bad, i cleaned them up and placed them back in, but still wont start any ideas

ANSWER: Hi Sam -

Might want to check the fuel pump if it is working. Sometimes when the fuel is down, sediment clogs the filter or pump.

Remove the main fuel line in the engine compartment and turn the ignition on. Make sure you have a container to catch the fuel. Turn the ignition on and see if fuel comes out of the hose. If so, then measure volume. You should have about a cup of fuel or more in 3 seconds.

If all checks out with the fuel, then check for spark. Remove one spark plug lead and insert a screwdriver until it wedges against the metal terminal inside. Hold the screwdriver shaft about 1/4" away from any metal part of the engine. There should be a spark jumping across when you crank the engine.

LMK how this goes.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hey there calvin
we have taken the plugs out and we have spark on all four leads there i pulled the fuel filter line to the fuel rail off and there is fuel there, the strange thing is the fact that it was running fine just 2 days ago turned it off and wont start, fuel pump is working and the fuse and relay seem to be in good working order.

have also pulled the air flow sensor out and cleaned this, cleaned up leads and plugs but there is still oil on the spark plug closest to drivers side ( LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND SO RIGHT HAND SIDE) its not alot of oil but it seems to be enough to wet the end of spark plug.

do you think that new spark plugs could help could the plugs be stuffed?

thanks again

Hi Sam -

Usually oil on the plug electrodes mean that either the valve seal is leaking or the plug seal, if equipped.

However, I wanted to ask you to check the timing belt, it may have slipped inadvertently. The fact that you have both spark and fuel delivery is puzzling, should start unless the belt has slipped. So turn the engine manually until the timing marks line up at TDC. If your engine has a distributor, check to see if the rotor is pointing to the #1 cylinder tower. If no distributor, remove the #1 plug and see if the piston is at the top. You can check with a screwdriver.



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