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hi my 1995 a32 Nissan cefiro wont start, when we turn it onto the reds we cant hear the fuel pump, so we took the hoses of the fuel pump and tried to start the car toi see if gas was going too it and it was cranking but wouldn't start and there was no gas coming from fuel pump. do you know what could be wrong?

Hi Frances -

If there is no fuel coming from the fuel pump, then it is probably a bad pump.

However, you can verify this by checking power to the fuel pump. Intercept the wires that go to the pump above the tank and check to see if one of them has power when the ignition is turned on. If there is power, then replace the fuel pump.

If there is no power, then check the fuel pump fuses and relays (you will need a competent mechanic for this), for power. If you want to do a quick check, run a direct line from the battery to the pump and see if the pump works.

Hope this helps -


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