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Nissan Repair/Car loosing power as if it is running out of gas


I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima  when you give it gas it will seem as if it takes then all of a sudden it will kinda jerk and be like it is coasting with no power whatsoever ever even if you have the break peddle all the way to the floor then it will jerk and have a little power then Back to none . It will sit and idle and the rpms will raise up and down when u give it gas   The battery light and the check engine light come on and off some, but they don't stay on but the ABS light stays on.  do you have any clue what this could be

Hi Candace -

Off hand, I would guess it is the fuel pump, since you do not have a steady check engine light. The fuel pump is one component that when failing, does not activate the check engine light. The other is the ignition module, which is in your distributor, and only acts up when the engine is at operating temperature.

You should take a OBD reading and see if the ECU is storing a code. If so, then LMK what the code is, and I can tell you what it is.

Hope this helps -

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