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Nissan Repair/1999 Nissan Quest 3.3L VG33E Screaming noise under intake



I have a 99 Nissan Quest van with the 3.3L VG33E motor. I am getting a loud screaming noise coming from somewhere under or behind the intake manifold. I was wondering if you would know what it is?

This seems like a common thing because I have heard other vans doing the same thing. Its like a screaming/screeching noise. I know that it is not the belts at all as I have replaced them and even tried running the motor with no belts attached for a second to make sure. It seems to be coming from under or behind the intake manifold and its driving me crazy.

I sounds like the soul of the van is screaming to let me die in peace. lol. It almost sounds like I have a turbo charger on the van because it gets louder and louder as I accelerate It has to be some kind of vacuum leak or something? Could it be the EGR or PCV valve creating this noise?

I really dont want to take the Intake off if I dont have to but I have looked and looked and listened trying to figure out where it is coming from.

Hi Andrew -

As you can imagine, it is difficult to accurately diagnose the vehicle sight unseen. However it truly does sound like a vacuum leak under the manifold. If you can, try spraying some carb cleaner or starting fluid under the manifold, and if the idle changes, there is a leak.

The only other way is for you to remove everything. Or there should be a way to at least take a look at what may be wrong from underneath the vehicle. Sometimes it could be something as simple as a collapsed hose.

Hope this helps -

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