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Nissan Repair/92path str8 starter to batt. or bump start only?


Hi my 92 pathfinder seen better days most recent no start got new one no start. Long story short I have ran a wire direct from starter to battery where I daily hope to remember to have took it out of gear and pulled my hair from fan(almost ran myself over,hair almost sucked in!!!😲 before I touch jump wire to battery post which starts everytime. I replaced neutral safety switch a couple years ago battery good too. So starter relay? Fuse link? HELP! THANKS for any help.
Just a girl tryin to make it happen!

Hi Rachel -

Yes, not a good idea to direct connect. I am glad you did not hurt yourself.

OK, If you have a 12V circuit test lamp, or multimeter, I can direct you through diagnosis to find out what is the problem. LMK if you do.

If not, I can give you a best guess for a good mechanic, have him read my response so he/she can check these components.

When you turn the key, power should be present at the starter solenoid. Being that the car starts direct connect, we can rule out the starter and battery as the problem. First, ensure all battery connections are tight and clean. It could very well be either the ignition switch, or neutral safety switch once again. But first, check the ignition switch. To check, turn the key as if to start and check power at the starter circuit terminal in back of the switch (steering column). If there is no power, replace the switch. If there is power, proceed to check neutral safety switch and relay in the same manner. The relay hardly gives out, so most likely it is not the cause.

Your fusible link would shut off a whole bunch of stuff, like headlights, windows, etc, so unless those are not working, it is not the link.

Hope this helps



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