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My truck was running fine,I put an a/c belt on an hasn"t started since. Will crank but not enough spark to start the engine. Changed coil,fuel filter,wires cap,rotor.Gets fuel to filter spark plugs dry.Cleaned air filter.Seems the engine is turning to slow to start. spark is weak but present. Will start if I put Starting fluid in filter for a second.Please help me to figure what to do next to get it to run.

Hi Dorothy -

If your truck starts momentarily when starter fluid is introduced in the intake, then the problem is probably the fuel pump.

Best way to check the pump is remove the fuel line at the fuel rail and turn the ignition on. There should be enough fuel coming out to fill 1 cup in about 3 seconds.

If no or small amounts of fuel comes out, also check the filter if clogged. If not, replace the fuel pump.

Hope this helps -

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