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I have an Altima 2006 188000km.I bought it a year back. Since then it was running well .for the last 1 week it is taking too long cranking to start some times 3 to 4 times. Easy to start in the morning or when the engine is cold take 1 or 2 cranks.It is very difficult to start after getting hot. 4 or 5 time long cranking requires. I had just changed the good spark plug one month back. When it starts it sounds like starving for fuel.What could be the possible cuse of this issue.

Syed anwar

Hi Syed -

First thing I would replace is the ignition module. Those usually fail when the car is warmed up. Same symptoms where the car just cranks and does not start.

Best way to check it is when the car is warmed up and has the hard start condition, remove a spark plug wire and insert a screwdriver into the boot until it wedges against the metal terminal inside. Hold the screwdriver 1/4" away from any metal surface of the car and crank the engine. There should be a spark jumping between. If not, then the module needs replacing.

Hope this helps -


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