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QUESTION: Hello Calvin,

A question about my Nissan Altima 1994...yes is that old but it has 150K miles only and it's in good condition, so I won't replace it by now...

Ok this is new behavior, when I'm stopped waiting for a red light (automatic trans, it's in "Drive", and my foot is lightly on the brake), the car moves slightly forward, making me press the brake pedal harder. Sometimes it moves forward a bit more, sometimes it stays put.

Would you please comment on what could be causing this? If you need more details, pls let me know.

Thanks in advance,


ANSWER: Hi Rick -

Seems to me like your brake master cylinder needs replacing.

Before you do that though, I would pull all the wheels and look to see if your rear wheel cylinders are leaking, or the front disc calipers are leaking. You can usually tell as the area will me moist with brake fluid, or a telltale sign is if you have to constantly fill brake fluid in your car. If there is no leak, then it is the master.

Hope this helps -

Aloha Calvin

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QUESTION: Aloha Calvin,

Is the master cylinder located under the hood near the brake pump?

Thanks in advance,


ANSWER: Hi Richard

You are correct. Drivers side against the firewall


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Aloha Calvin,

I'm still not sure if it comes with the pump? or Do I have to replace the pump also?

Have a great weekend

Thanks in advance,


Hi Rick -

The master cylinder comes as an assembly. Just a couple bolts hold it on the the brake booster power unit (the vacuum source), and some brake lines.

Very important to bench bleed it before installation.

I hope this answers your question.


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