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I emailed you a day or so ago you said that I should have a scanner put on it don't own one so I was going to take it to a-zone but knocks pretty loud like a main bearing or something if it was a bearing would that make the ser. Eng. Light to come on? Or does my 1.8 L. Nissan Sentra have a anti-knock sensor,and do they make your motor knock if they go bad? I afraid to drive it to far.

Hi Edgar
The engine knock could be caused by several things:
Bad timing
Low quality fuel
Engine overheating
Slipped timing belt

Usually engine bearings do not activate the engine light. If it is knocking bad yes I would not recommend driving it. Assuming it is not one of the above, you can actually purchase an OBD reader for maybe $30. Will be a good investment.

As mentioned once you get the code I can assist you further.

For now though have the items above checked and link



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