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QUESTION: My son is having a problem with starting is car. Only as one key! He washed and dried the key that was already in bad shape. He took it apart and put it back together. It started working. Took it to lock smith and another place that makes keys. Neither could make the key for the car. They took it apart to clone the key, now it will not work. Is there anyway to bypass the immobilizer and get rid of this problem for good.

ANSWER: Hi Brad -

Let me see if I understand this situation.

You have only one key FOB for your Altima which is sketchy and not working right now, meaning that the FOB(remote) does not electronically unlock the doors. That being said, the starter inhibit system is engaged and the vehicle cannot start? Is the alarm going off as well?

Please confirm -


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is a chip key and not the remote fob. The key was already coming apart and had to be held together to start. He took it to the locksmith who was going to clone the key and took it apart, He could not clone the key and messed it up, so that it will not start the car. Is there a way to bypass the immobilizer, so that it does not happen again and he does not have to pay Nissan for a key and reprogram. He just had a baby and does not want help paying for.


When the alarm is in inhibit mode you should hear some clicking under the dash driver side. This is the control box that I want you to find. Locate it by listening for that clicking.

Once you find it remove the large wire harness that connects to the box. This will disable the alarm but will not bypass the inhibit system.

To bypass, find the last 2 terminals of the harness and jump them with a 16ga wire.

This should enable you to start the car and will operate normally. Just remember that you have no alarm.

Hope this helps


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Will this by pass engine immobilizer so that he can use any key. Will it cause any problems down the road.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Brad -

Yes. This will bypass the starter inhibit circuit. the 2 wires are the circuit that goes to the starter solenoid, which is interrupted by the inhibit system. By jumping the 2 wires, you bypass it so you can start the car. Yes, any key that fits in the ignition will start the engine.

No problems down the road, except as I mentioned the car will not have an alarm system.

Hope this helps -



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