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Hello again Calvin, you once saved me a lot of trouble diagnosing a faulty Ignition Control Module for me. Car has been running awesome since!

Nissan Sentra/Pulsar 1998, GA15DE

However, I'm in need of your help again. My Car stereo makes this buzzing/ high pitch noise when switched on with the volume as low 1 out of 64. The most obvious remedy was to see if the earth cable was connected properly and it still is. I tried running the earth cable directly onto some metal inside the radio-space and still the same thing. I even bought a brand new head-unit/stereo to rule out that it wasn't just the second hand one I installed (there was no head-unit in the car at the time so this is a first) and unfortunately the problem still persisted. Also sometimes there is a slight whining noise when I accelerate quickly when i'm listening to music (the buzzing isn't so noticeable once music is playing).

I've had my battery checked for voltage when running and when off and my battery and alternator both seem to be healthy.

Any clues as to what the problem is or any remedy suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Josh from New Zealand

Hi Josh -

Sorry for the late reply.

Most likely it is the alternator causing this buzz. Operationally it may be charging, but sometimes the internal resistor may be defective and causes the buzz.

Try removing the belt and briefly run the engine and see if the buzz is still there.

If not, then the alternator is your culprit.

Hope this helps -


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