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Hello Von,

I recently took my 98 frontier to a shop to be diagnosed. My check engine light was on and my truck kept stalling. Well the shop told me that I needed to replace my mass air flow sensor and a knock sensor. Well I know they tripled the prices on the parts, I looked in to it and I found the parts way cheaper than they were charging, but they said they do not install other parts, only the ones they buy. So my question is, is this something that can be changed, the air flow sensor and knock sensor with someone who is a little handy with tools, or should I have it done at a shop and they want to charge me 1200.00 for parts and labor? I appreciate your input.

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The mass airflow sensor is an easy replacement.  First, remove the negative battery cable from the battery to keep from shorting anything.  Then, look for your air filter and between the air filter and the intake is the mass airflow sensor.  A simple replacement.  The knock sensor is a pain since it is under the intake so get a Haynes Manual and it shows the pictures and the process to replace it.

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