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Nissan Repair/1988 Nisson Pathfinder Brake Lights


Otho wrote at 2008-09-27 00:10:43
There is also a slight chance for a broken or worn-out rubber pad plug which is inserted in the brake pedal arm at the place where the switch makes contact with the brake pedal arm. This should be checked first visually, and replaced if missing or worn out, as it will allow the brake arm to push the switch more completely in (same as screwing the switch further in.

ChasIV wrote at 2013-09-12 21:13:39
Repaired my daughter's pathfinder today! It was just like the

example on You Tube! It comes up with the same Google search-

"Pathfinder Brake Lights Stay On". In electronic terms the

switches are installed using the Normally Closed Contacts of

the switch. Meaning that the short most people refer to is

inside the switch. Only it isn't really a short in that sense.

It is supposed to be shorted through the normally closed

contacts. In other words it is making a good conection. There

is a pair of plugs that are installed in the two holes at the

top of the brake pedal assembly. The plugs are just slightly

bigger than 5/16" in diameter and slightly less than 3/8" in

diameter. If you don't clean your car too much you might find

the remnants of the plugs on the floor under the brake pedal.

Parts and pieces of the old plastic plugs. The plastic plugs

make physical contact with the plunger on the Brake Light

Switch and open the shorted or closed contacts inside the

switch. This basically turns the switch into a normally open

switch because this is the real normal state of the switch

(No Internal Connection Via the Terminals on The Switch) the

switch is not energized. When you depress the Brake Pedal you

are closing the contacts by allowing the plunger on the

switch, which is spring loaded, to pop out or move this makes

the contacts internal to the switch and completes a current

path for current flow through the filament in the bulb to

ground. There are two switches on some Pathfinders. Those

equipped with Cruise Control have a switch mounted on the

right of the same brake pedal that stops the operation of the

Cruise Control function by depressing the Brake Pedal. The

Left Switch is the one that controls the Brake Lights. The

Left Switch being the one closest to the Driver's Kickpanel.

Usually when the Brake Lights start staying on in a

Pathfinder there is nothing wrong with the switch. It is the

plugs, that energize it, that have finally deteriorated to

the point that they will no longer de-energize the Brake

Light Switch in the rest position of the Brake Pedal Arm.

You can check the operation of all the lights on your vehicle

single handedly in front of a business that has plate glass

windows. You can see your own reflection in them front view

or rear view by just pulling in and turning around and using

your rear-view mirrors. You can do it alone in broad daylight

too the only hard part is the Brake Lights and all you need

for that is a substantial stick wedged between the Brake

Pedal and the Steering Wheel. The daughter's plugs wore out

in 22 years. 1991 Pathfinder w/Cruise Control. No sign of

any plugs except parts and pieces on the floor.  

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