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Nissan Repair/2,000 maxima/ burning up alternators


KC wrote at 2013-10-22 10:39:21
Sorry' but not "all" of the 2000 VQ Nissan/Infiniti motors needed their coils replaced so to advise everyone to replace them all is not fair advise. My 2000 I30 has all 6 of its original coils after 14yrs of owning it. After 220k miles It still gets 26mpg average mpg on a lifetime of 87 octane and my plugs when I replaced them last still look grey/white so its running perfect. It has never missed or sputtered. I have replaced one 02 sensor, battery, clocks lightbulb and a starter. Rest are routine like Belts/struts/tires like other cars need.

 If you read reviews you will see several coils replaced but the only people who were mad were the ones who spent hundreds replacing all 6 like nissan suggested.

One thing most people do not know is the shop machanics in most shops are also salesman and most recieve commission for selling every extra part a customer buys.

So, go buy brakes they sell you shocks they get commission for selling you shocks...

Advice about replacing "every" coil even if 5 were not bad came from those shops and echoed through many others. It is simply not a true statement and should'nt be taken as a fact.

Even as they are only $100.00 a set now online.  

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